Andrew Cuomo Says Trump Is To Blame For Every COVID Death In New York State...And Everywhere

Kevin P. Coughlin/ Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP


The new narrative on New York’s COVID response is here…and it’s ridiculous. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on The View for a spa treatment and massage  hard-hitting interview and true to form cohost Sunny Hostin slobbered all over the Governor, praising his COVID response and his ensuing book on the ordeal ( I guess I you don’t have actually be through an ordeal to write about how well you handled the ordeal), calling his book “absolutely fantastic” and (shockingly) “a guide on how to deal with this pandemic.”


Hostin continued her fanfest, giving Cuomo the opportunity to call the negative coverage of his response “a lie.”

From Fox News:


“There has been a lot of confusion about an alleged March 25 order that directed nursing homes to accept, in New York, infected COVID patients, possibly leading to the death of more than 6,000 seniors. Now you say in your book, ‘That was a lie,’ that New York state never demanded or directed that any nursing home accept a COVID positive patient. The Department of Justice, however, is now supposedly looking into this issue,” Hostin said. “Can you explain what really happened?”

Cuomo’s explanation was basically a verbal shrug. When your argument for reopening is that we must assume some risk to survive as a society, The View crowd will call you a murderer. When Cuomo shrugs and says that people were going to die anyway, he gets a book deal and the red carpet laid out for him.

“They have played politics on this from day one, right? They have done a terrible job on COVID from day one and they want a counter defense. What they were saying was, ‘Well, a lot of people died in nursing homes in Democratic states’, it’s not just New York, it’s all the Democratic states, and the truth is, a lot of people did die in nursing homes in Democratic states. The truth is people are dying today in nursing homes in Republican states, it’s just that Democratic states had the disease worse and earlier.”

“If you look at how many people died in New York nursing homes, New York is No. 46 out of 50 states in the percentage of deaths in nursing homes. The way the law works is no nursing home in New York can accept a patient if they don’t believe they can care for that patient adequately and if they can do it within the safety of their facilities, so the conspiracy they’re trying to spread has no factual basis.”


But the last whopper was the true stunner. Governor Cuomo doesn’t hold himself responsible for any deaths. He doesn’t even hold China responsible for any deaths (apparently because the virus supposedly migrated to the U.S. through Europe that means China has two degrees of separation from the plague they invented).

“The virus did not come here from China,” Cuomo proclaimed. “The virus came here from Europe because he wasn’t paying attention, the virus left China, went to Europe… January, February, March we had three million people coming in from Europe… that’s where the virus came from.”

No, Cuomo holds…you guessed it…Trump responsible for the deaths of the elderly Cuomo himself locked in nursing homes.

Not that it makes a difference to Cuomo fans in any way. The Democrat narrative is now receiving unlimited assists from the mainstream media. If Cuomo says Trump killed all the victims in his state, then that’s what happened.

110,000 people are going to die because they’re not wearing masks, but apparently his brother Chris Cuomo won’t be one of those people even as he continues to thwart mask mandates in his own apartment building.


The hypocrisy and the lying is stunning, but it’s also exhausting.

Here’s a great thread laying out all the ways Cuomo is lying and intentionally avoiding the science and the data.



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