Kira Davis: Vote With Your Eyeballs

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These days I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from friends who aren’t that politically involved but know what I do for a living and trust my opinion. They want to know what sources of information they should believe when it comes to COVID and the ensuing politics of it all.


“I see this doctor saying one thing, and that doctor saying another and depending on what news channel I watch the information is either encouraging or very, very bad but everyone is showing me numbers and statistics…who do I believe? How do I know who to vote for?”

When the COVID madness first started, I can remember one evening early on in my sleepy suburb our neighbors decided to organize a “clap out” for healthcare workers on their evening shift change – you remember those…everyone claps and shouts out their windows at the same time to thank the brave essential workers. At this point there were still a lot of unknowns out there, and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it all. I was definitely scared, but I was starting to notice the numbers didn’t seem to be adding up to the panic. I had expected to see bodies in the streets, hospitals overflowing, third world conditions but our hospital didn’t have a single COVID patient, and we’d had a mere 11 cases in our whole community of 100,000. So when our neighborhood organizer posted about the “clap out” my first thought was…for who? Who exactly were we clapping for? Who was going to hear us?

I kept trying to make sense of the lockdowns in comparison to the numbers and I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around any of it. I kept trying, because the SCIENCE™ (as reported by 24-hour cable news) was telling me that I must be an idiot if I thought we were overreacting. So I kept trying to wrap my mind around it, kept trying to convince myself that I just wasn’t smart enough to understand the data. And still…none of it made sense.


It continued to make no sense until the day I decided to take all the competing information, all the SCIENCE™ and all the DATA™ and all the news reports and combine them with what my eyes were actually seeing. I decided that I’m old enough and intelligent enough to make assessments for myself, particularly if I’m being diligent about seeking out information.

That is what I have been telling my friends. If you’ve looked at all the information you can and you still feel confused, at the end of the day your last reputable and decisive source should be your own eyes. Look around you and take stock of what you see. Is everyone around you sick and dying? Are there outbreaks in your Walmart or Costco, which have never shutdown? Did your child’s school suffer a horrible outbreak? Does life feel any different apart from the lockdown orders of your government? Is your hospital overwhelmed?

Maybe some of the answers are yes, maybe some are no, but my point is that we’ve been so conditioned to believe that the “experts” have the final say on everything that we forget that we ourselves are not morons. Your age, your experience, your cognitive abilities are not for nothin. You think for a reason.

The problem is that we have a media and a social media landscape that is constantly telling us we can’t believe our lying eyes. It’s not just the COVID stuff, that was only an example. It’s everywhere.


We watch mayors and governors take to their podiums and tell us that the protests are peaceful, even as their cities burn to ashes around them. Conversely those same governors were condemning lockdown protesters last spring as violent, dangerous and irresponsible, even though there was no looting, no burning and no need for anyone to board up their businesses and beg for mercy from the mobs.

We watched reporters literally standing in front of burning buildings and telling their viewers that protests were peaceful.

We’ve had to endure our businesses being forced to closed, our churches shut down, our schools locked up. Meanwhile, to this very moment we continue to watch protesters and sports fans and women’s marches stream into the streets by the thousands every single day with nary a word from the leaders who are scolding American families for wanting to spend Thanksgiving together. These people tried to cancel Halloween because 3-year-olds in in a costume might be superspreaders. Meanwhile in Los Angeles the evening of the Dodgers’ World Series victory:


Here’s a good place to remind you that Governor Gavin Newsom just told Californians that they’re only allowed to sing at Thanksgiving if they do it at a whisper.

I wish I was lying.

My eyes, however, are not lying. They are not lying to me when I see Twitter enforcing censorship on legitimate news stories from non-Left Wing outlets and they are not lying when I see Jack Dorsey himself telling congress that Twitter isn’t censoring The NY Post’s Biden story anymore even as attempts to tweet the url failed at the very moment he was telling the lie.

Your eyes are not lying to you when you see adult children being forced to leave their aging and ill parents to die alone in nursing homes with no comfort from loved ones in their final moments while Ruth Bader Ginsburg is laid to rest at a giant funeral ceremony with hundreds and hundreds of people.

Your eyes are not lying to you when you see the devastating mental toll lockdowns are having on your children while your leaders tell you your kids are more at risk in a classroom that has been proven by SCIENCE™ to be safe to return to.


Look around you. If you feel confused about what you’re seeing versus what you’re being told it’s only because you’re a rational human being. None of it makes sense and that is obvious to you.

So here is my sincere and eternal advice to anyone out there who still struggles with who/what you should believe and how you should vote:

Vote with your eyeballs. You are not an idiot. You are not a moron. When you can’t believe anything else, you must believe your “lying” eyes.




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