Marco Rubio Warns of Iranian Led "Informational Warfare"

Tuesday saw all kinds of hot takes regarding Iran’s strikes and President Trump’s ensuing response.

Here’s a roundup of what some of the usual suspects in the political class had to say this evening.

Marco Rubio warned Americans not to get sucked in by “disinformation” and reassured people that the U.S. was prepared for the attack.

DiFi wonders, “What difference does it make?”.

Speaker Pelosi is “closely monitoring the situation…

…at a bar.

Eric Swalwell – whom you may remember as the hero who walked an extra block for Starbucks just so he wouldn’t have to go into the Trump Tower store – got poetic.

Ilhan Omar changed her mind about thoughts and prayers.

Ana Navarro started out reasonably…but quickly fell off the Trump Derangement cliff.

Biden might be the only Democrat who got it right…shockingly.

And just for shots and giggles, here’s Mr. Kellyanne Conway’s expert analysis.

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