Glutton For Punishment Jim Acosta Gets the Sanders Smackdown Yet Again

The next time you hear the #resistance at CNN complaining about what a big baby President Trump is, don’t forget that it takes one to know one.

CNN’s Jim Acosta forgot for a second that there’s an actual grown up in the White House right now and her name is Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Acosta experienced his first time out at the daily press briefing when the Press Secretary allowed him to ask a couple of questions about Trump’s complaints about #FakeNews and why Trump and his team insist on labeling “honest” reporter errors as fake news. After all, nothing says “maturity” like stomping your feet at a professional event and asking why the big, bad orange man no likey-wikey you.


When Sanders moved on to another reporter, Acosta tightened the tabs on his diapers and started whining about how he didn’t get to ask the real question he meant to ask, despite being informed he had used his time to throw his very dumb temper tantrum.

But it gets worse.

At Tuesday afternoon’s bill signing with POTUS, Acosta was back with the press. Sanders informed him that this was a signing and not a press conference and (perhaps knowing exactly the type of crankypants she was dealing with) that no questions would be answered during the brief signing and he should try to restrain himself.

Naturally, this elicited all kinds of  breathless reporting from the #Resistance pool.

Here’s video of the (clearly inappropriate) moment Acosta ignored the Press Sec’s instructions.


Oh, you’re such a martyr!

Wow, what a hero. When my kids are rudely interrupting my duties for attention they are swiftly and firmly reminded that they are not the most important person in the room and their needs and questions need to wait for an appropriate time. It is rude to interrupt mommy for a non-emergency. It’s parenting 101.

Jim, your daddy’s busy running the country that he was democratically elected to lead. Wait your turn or it’s off to bed without your fancy Capitol Hill cocktail tonight.


You’ve been dispatched. Bye.



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