Friday Feels: This Baby Otter Doesn't Want to Learn to Swim [VIDEO]

I know we’re all hyperventilating over Mike Flynn and Matt Lauer and tax reform and Roy Moore but there’s more to life – like watching videos of adorable baby otters refusing to swim despite momma’s insistence.


Baby otter Triton is one of the newest residents at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Zoo employees describe him as “playful and independent”. Triton certainly seems to be living up to his reputation. While he and his parents get some alone time to thrive and bond behind the scenes, Triton’s mom and dad have been trying to teach him how to swim.

This adorable video shows that Triton just ain’t down with that right now.

As momma tries to nudge and guide him into the water, he repeatedly tries to crawl out. Triton tries to crawl on her back and even just walk out of the pool. One thing he is clearly not on board with is swimming. At one point his momma just pushes his head right under the water.

Momma otters don’t play!

There’s a lot to be be mad about and stressed about these days. But don’t forget to take some time smell the flowers…and watch the baby otters.


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