Trump is Sending a Message and It's the Right One

There are a lot of opinions floating around at this very moment about whether or not President Trump had the legal authority to order missile strikes against targets in Syria. There is legal precedence in many situations, including the Obama administration’s move to authorize drone strikes without congressional approval.


The legalities are a no doubt complicated, but also without doubt is the President’s employment of an entire team of lawyers to find a way to do this within the boundaries of the law.

What isn’t in question is that Syria’s leader and the cruelty he has shown his on people is a direct result of Obama’s “red line in the sand” that never came to be. An emboldened terrorist took advantage of President Obama’s announcements about military timelines and his refusal to directly address terrorism and has established a literal hell on earth for his people…a hell that has brought the controversy of aid to Syrian refugees to our own shores.

Both the left and the right have been screaming about Syria and their refugees for years now. The right has begged almost from the start of this mess for some hardline action to be taken against Assad and his goons. The left was content to let Obama skate through the controversy but now that Trump is president they once again are able to see the atrocities in the Middle East nation.


The long and short of it is, everyone has been desperate for action even if the ideology behind the desire has differed. Trump did just that. He took action. It is not simply a matter of avenging a horrific attack on innocent lives, but drawing that line in the sand that Obama hoped no one would call him on years ago. This is a message.

And I’m okay with it.



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