A Tale of Two Cities: Tinder Has a Whole Separate Service for Celebrities, Wealthy Clients

FILE - In this July 5, 2015, file photo, a man uses the dating app Tinder in New Delhi. Online dating is now hip with young adults, but not always for dating. Mobile dating apps such as Tinder incorporate fun elements and are dead simple to use. That’s luring adults ages 18 to 24, who traditionally haven’t been big online daters because they are already surrounded by lots of other young, single people. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal, File)

Today’s #DayWithoutARichPrivilegedSnobbyWoman has been a rousing success in reminding us all just how snooty too many people in this country can be. On it’s heels comes another tale of “privilege”, but this time it’s not so annoying and cloying. It’s just kind of funny.


I’ve been married for about 150  18 years now so the world of online dating is pretty foreign to me. Is it even called “dating” anymore? Anyway, I know enough about it to know that Tinder is a popular “dating” app where you swipe left or right to reject or accept potential dates. It’s immensely popular, particularly amongst millennial daters.

Now news has come that Tinder isn’t just catering to the average person looking for love (or less) online. They’ve secretly developed a parallel app that is exclusively for celebrities and other wealthy or influential users.

Tinder has been operating a members-only version of the platform called Tinder Select, which is meant to serve only the elite users on the app, including CEOs, super models, and other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent types.

One source who was using the app said it’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder.”

It appears that Tinder has invited people to the platform, some of whom have the ability to ‘nominate’ others. But those who were nominated can’t nominate anyone else, which prevents the members-only layer of the app from spreading uncontrollably. It’s unclear exactly how Tinder decides who gets invited and who doesn’t, but the common thread among those on the Select app is that they’re generally attractive and relatively high-profile.


Tinder Select users can toggle back and forth between the Select app and the regular service.

This seems like a smart play. Celebrities often complain about difficulty in dating. Many say it is hard to find sincere people who aren’t in the business because too many people just want to be with a famous/rich person. It’s hard to parse out intentions. Celebrities often end up dating other celebrities because they both understand the world they live in and how it works.

Why not market to those people while giving them the reassurance that their personal stats aren’t available to just any fanboy or psycho stalker who loved their work on that one Disney show.

I only have two questions:

  1. Is Idris Elba on Tinder Select?
  2. How do I get an invite?

I’ll worry about the 18 years of marriage thing later.



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