Krispy Kreme Apologizes for 'Black Lives Matter' Donut Box

Last week an independent blog site called Blue Lives Matter posted a story about a Smyrna, GA police officer who stopped for donuts one day and got a bit more than he paid for. *insert cop/donut joke here*

Although Smyrna prohibits police employees from speaking out on social media regarding their work, the site claims that a former employee contacted them with the photo.

[A] former Smyrna Police Department employee, Daniel Barnes, contacted us to tell us about the incident.

The unidentified officer was picking up his order at the Krispy Kreme at 4560 S Cobb Dr SE in Smyrna on Wednesday. When he got the box of doughnuts, “Black Lives Matter” was written on the box by an employee.


We’ve seen hoaxes like this on the flip side many times before. Racist messages scrawled on receipts, cakes with anti-gay messages, public assaults on minorities in the name of Trump…the list goes on and on. That the former employee chose to identify himself is a good sign that this is a legitimate story. A local Fox affiliate also covered the story.

Adding to the veracity is the fact that Krispy Kreme investigated the incident and offered a public apology to the Smyrna police department.

After we were notified yesterday that an officer from the Smyrna Police Department (GA,US) received a box of doughnuts that had writing on it from one of our shops, we moved quickly to investigate the matter and take appropriate action. As a company, we value both our customers and employees and respect all viewpoints. The experience did not live up to these high standards we set for ourselves. We have offered our sincere apologies to the Smyrna Police Department and addressed the matter at the shop. Furthermore, we will use this opportunity to train the staff at all of our US shops to reinforce mutual respect between employees and customers. We will continue to take any and all steps to uphold our company standard welcoming all guests to the joy that Krispy Kreme Doughnuts aspires to every day. As a matter of policy and consistent with our practice, we do not comment on individual personnel matters.

The pro-police blog that originally covered the story has declared this response unacceptable, calling for a more direct, supportive stance on peace officers and the services they provide.

While we appreciate that an apology was made to the police department, after this incident we would expect Krispy Kreme to at least publicly voice support for law enforcement. Unfortunately, they appear too afraid of offending the anti-police crowd to do so, or maybe they don’t actually support law enforcement.

What do you think? Was Krispy Kreme’s apology acceptable or should they have done more to vocalize their support of police? Leave your thoughts in the comments.