Is Hillary Running Again, Or Just Trying to Encourage All The Losers? (VIDEO)

Is Hillary Running Again, Or Just Trying to Encourage All The Losers? (VIDEO)

It has been more than obvious that the Democrats are reeling from their election losses. If you’re not convinced, then you’ve missed the many protests, #NotMyPresident declarations, and their general flailing about.

In an attempt to encourage the disgruntled, frustrated liberal masses, Hillary Clinton spoke to them in a pre-recorded video on Friday.

The “thank you” message, coming more than three months after her loss, was filled with overwhelming praise for recent marches, town hall meetings, and the like. But it begs the question: “Is Hillary going to run again?”

The transcript is below, in case you’ve seen enough of Hillary speaking for one lifetime.

Hello Democrats! Thank you all for coming together to represent our party at its best. United, energized and ready to wage and win the battles ahead. Now as Democrats we have diverse views and backgrounds, we are Democrats after all. But we’re bound together by the values and hopes we share for our country.

I’m grateful for all your support and hard work during the election. Being your candidate was an honor of a lifetime. And I was inspired to see women and men from all walks of life and every corner of our country coming together on behalf of our shared values. And while we didn’t get the outcome we worked so hard for, I’ll always be proud of the campaign we ran, a campaign that was better and stronger thanks to each of you.

After the primaries we came together as a primary to write the most progressive platform in history. Ideas we championed are now inspiring leaders and activists across our country. Nearly 66 million votes are fueling grass roots energy and activism and everywhere people are marching, protesting, tweeting, speaking out and working for an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted.

From the Women’s March to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants, refugees and people of every faith, to town hall meetings where people are speaking up for healthcare, the environment, good jobs and all the other issues that deserve our passionate support.

Among those millions making their voices heard are future mayors, city and state officials, governors, members of Congress, even future presidents. The challenges we face as a party and a country are real, so now more than ever we need to stay engaged, in the field and online, reaching out to new voters, young people and everyone who wants a better, stronger, fairer America.

We as Democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism. And stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country. Thank you to the leaders who’ve already done so much beginning with Barack and Michelle Obama. Thanks as well to Donna and the DNC leadership and to the outstanding bench of Democrats stepping up to lead us forward.

As long as we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions and love for our country our best days are still ahead, so keep fighting and keep the faith and I’ll be there right with you every step of the way. God bless you and God bless America.

There’s nothing like a party which actively seeks to exclude diversity of thought choosing to pat themselves on the back for their “diverse views and backgrounds.” Can anyone say Women’s March? Those shrieking harpies continue to proclaim their pro-abort stance, and are vocally against allowing pro-life women into their fold. Furthermore, it’s always amusing, in a nauseating sort-of-way, that the Democrats believe themselves to be the courageous, big-hearted clan in the country. As made clear by their obsession with transgenderism, they are all about feelings, not facts. If they believe that makes them better, then so be it. They can own that hysteria.

Back to Hillary’s objective…

The video, while obviously not a declaration of any future plans, does leave the door open quite a bit. It’s not as if this video came a few weeks after her loss. We’re nearing the almost 4-month mark since that glass ceiling didn’t break, and Hillary is showing up again. Why? Because the Democratic base is so fractured and leaderless right now that they need someone – anyone – to coalesce around, even if that IS the biggest loser in modern political history. (I mean, she lost to an orange, politically-inexperienced reality star.)

Though the mainstream media is mostly quiet on the subject, the rest of us are very aware the the Left is currently in the midst of a heated civil war, as I wrote about here. Hillary’s PSA is an attempt to distract from the turmoil which she is almost singularly at fault for.

But it could be more than that, too.

If Hillary does plan on returning to the political spotlight as a candidate in the future, her message is an optimistic prequel to all that. She appears happy and thankful. In other words, not her typical self. It’s clear that she is closely monitoring the post-election climate, and eager to heap praise onto her supporters, many of whom are marching in the streets and hashtagging their way through the day.

As made painfully obvious by this week’s debate to find the next DNC chair, the Party of Science and Tolerance is having trouble finding someone to lead them. In the meantime, they seem to think Hillary the Holdover will do.

Whether she runs again in the future or not remains to be seen. For now, though, she’s the only “leader” they have.

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