LGBT Freak Out About Ben Carson Confirmation Hearing Makes No Sense

The reactions to HUD secretary nominee Dr. Ben Carson’s confirmation hearing are about what you’d expect.

Whether you are a fan of the retired neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate or not, the liberal talking points are the height of absurdity. Before the confirmation hearing, Carson received a bipartisan endorsement from four former Secretaries of HUD. That is no small feat.


If there are substantive issues with any Trump nominee, that is one thing. But fear-mongering is another thing entirely, which is what the official LGBT Caucus Twitter account did Thursday morning. They claim they’re a “Bipartisan Congressional caucus committed to achieving the full enjoyment of human rights for LGBT people in the U.S. and around the world”, but are clearly only interested in special rights and equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

They can’t logically connect Carson’s personal feelings about LGBT issues to what he may do at HUD, but they tried.

In the United States, the LGBT population is 3.5%. Magically, Dr. Ben Carson’s personal feelings about homosexuality and transgenderism will make their way into a law which seeks to disenfranchise that 3.5% as it relates to housing.


Or something.

Unfathomable to many on the Left side of the aisle is the ability to separate personal feelings about an issue from doing your job. If Dr. Carson is confirmed as HUD Secretary, he will treat all equally as the job demands.

During Carson’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) pressed the Housing and Urban Development nominee about whether he would enforce LGBT protections in the public housing sector.

“Of course, I would enforce all the laws of the land,” Carson responded. “Of course, I think all Americans should be protected by the law.”

“What I have said before is I don’t think anyone should get ‘extra rights,’” he added.

For the LGBT Caucus and many in the LGBT community, though, they can’t abide that someone who doesn’t subscribe to their agenda may be in charge. As Carson pointed out, no one should receive extra rights, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.

That is true equality.


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