Why Do We Talk So Much About Trump?

Why Do We Talk So Much About Trump?

Over the course of the election cycle, there has been much discussion about the failures and faults of each candidate. This has included scrutinizing political experience (or inexperience), demeanor, and ability to relay plans and policy goals.

Now that the field is down to the final two, the scrutiny has become more focused. “I’m on this side, and the nominee over there is bad.” Since I’m a member of #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary, I believe the feeling of disgust is real if you’re standing on either side.

Increasingly, criticism of Trump does not sit well with his supporters. After all, Trump has an (R) next to his name. For many, that automatically qualifies him to be president. This could not be more obtuse. Presidential nominees must earn our votes. Neither candidate has accomplished that. Neither is a conservative; one is a criminal while the other is a con man.

Both merit plenty of rebuke, and one even deserves a prison sentence. However, there are a few reasons it appears there is more criticism of Trump than Hillary from the non-Trump fans on the Right.

We Already Know Hillary Quite Well

Unfortunately, Hillary has been in all of our lives for some time. She has been on the national stage as a governor’s wife, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, criminal, and presidential candidate. We know of the corruption and complacency in all of those stages. You can’t mention the name “Clinton” without immediately thinking about their lack of character and authenticity. (Bill possesses charisma, but of the creepy kind). The Clintons use others, and prey upon the unborn, poor, minorities, and women to gain support.

Hillary would attack fundamental rights, increase abortion funding, place limits on our military, increase government handouts, and usher in an era of even less transparency than we have now with the Obama administration. Hillary is one of the worst candidates in our lifetime. But then again, so is her opponent.

We Demand A Better Candidate

The reason I, and many others criticize Trump with such regularity is because we demand a better candidate. It’s not difficult to perpetuate the depravity we see from the Clinton camp. That takes little effort. No, we on the Right demand a candidate whose plan for our country is solid and specific, whose demeanor is controlled, and who promotes the tenets of conservatism. It’s never enough to be only slightly better than your opponent. The “lesser of two evils” argument is never enough. Our candidate should be far above his opponent in every way. Unfortunately, the best the GOP could do this cycle is someone only not quite as bad as a Clinton. This is not good enough, and this is why the focus is heavily upon his faults and failures.

Those on the Left who are locked in and voting for Hillary aren’t listening. Trump is quite polarizing, if you haven’t noticed. Those on the Right solidly in the Trump camp cannot be swayed. The election results will be destructive for our country either way. The most we can do is draw a sharp contrast between who the GOP nominee is, and who he should be.

This is why criticizing Trump dominates our conversations. We demand better.

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