What #NeverTrump and Oklahoma's Abortion Ban Have In Common

On Thursday, the Oklahoma state legislature passed a bill which would have made abortions in the state a punishable felony. Doctors who performed them would have been stripped of their medical license.

On Friday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican who touts her pro-life record, vetoed the bill citing its inability to stand up to a legal challenge, and exclaimed the following.

“While I consistently have and continue to support a re-examination of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, this legislation cannot accomplish that re-examination,” Fallin wrote. “In fact, the most direct path to a re-examination of the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade is the appointment of a conservative, pro-life justice to the United States Supreme Court.”

While a measure like this would likely never have gone into effect, that’s not really the point. When it comes to declaring one’s unwavering stance on the issue of unborn life, it’s imperative that our voices are raised regardless of whether it results in a win. As regards battling against the legal homicide Roe v. Wade introduced, many states, including Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky, have all made strides on that front in recent months. Yes, the most direct, nationwide strike against abortion would be at the Supreme Court. Since that is not the current reality, we need to look closer to home. I believe Fallin missed the chance to let pro-life voices in Oklahoma be heard. Was it because of fear that she would be labeled as “extreme”? That shouldn’t be what holds us back.

The same can be said for the #NeverTrump movement. Many Republicans, whether they’re diehard Trump supporters or more reluctant ones, are obsessed with winning this election cycle. We all like to win, but it’s actually not worth it if we refuse to stand on principle to do so. Conversely, a loss, while certainly not the ideal outcome, can be tolerated if we know that we never faltered from our beliefs just to beat the other side, or maintain popularity. However, when looking at how this election year has gone, it seems that this is not the opinion of a majority.

Former candidates like Governor Rick Perry, Governor Scott Walker, and Governor Bobby Jindal have all pledged their support for the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Though they may be somewhat reluctant, whether publicly or privately, each has disappointed me with this announcement. Even Representative Trey Gowdy, formerly a Rubio man, has endorsed Trump. These usually unapologetic conservatives have set aside principle for popularity and career prospects within the Republican party.

Those who are solidly #NeverTrump aren’t going anywhere. Never actually does mean never. We understand some have left our side for fear of losing the election. We’re of the mindset that sticking to our conservative beliefs is the most important thing, thus we cannot and will not vote for Donald Trump.

I view the Oklahoma abortion ban legislation and the mindset of those claiming #NeverTrump as quite similar. Doing what’s right, even if it labels you “extreme” or might result in a loss, should never cause us to question our actions. Certainly we want to win, but it should never keep us from pursuing the morally right, but not always easy, route.



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