Hillary's New Strategy: The Care Bear Stare

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton smiles as she walks off-stage after speaking at the Atlantic Council Women’s Leadership in Latin America Initiative in Washington, Monday, Nov. 30, 2015. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

This election cycle, the candidates and their personalities are as diverse as ever. The three on the Left who are still standing include Martin O’Malley, who keeps auditioning for Vice President, crazy Bernie Sanders, the leftover hippie, and Grandma Hillary Clinton. The Right contains the most varied assortment of personalities and experience (or lack thereof) that I’ve ever seen. Trump, clearly the most controversial, remains at the top. Like it or not (I don’t), Trump’s antics are headline-grabbers, and to stand out, a candidate needs to make the case that they’re not him.


Enter Hillary Clinton. She’s not new to the political sphere by any means, and is known to be ruthless and cold. Since those personality traits don’t necessarily charm the electorate, Hillary has softened her image and changed her tune. In the era of terrorism when vigilance is required, Hillary is focused on love. As reported by AP:

…when an Iowa man broke into her riff with a question about how the country could confront a new wave of fear, her response sounded less like that of a commander in chief than of a soothing self-help guru. “We’ve got to do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness,” she told a crowd of several hundred.

In Alabama, she told lawyers that justice means “standing beside love.” In Atlanta, Clinton promised black ministers she’d run on a “love and kindness platform.” And after Trump said he’d block Muslims from entering the country, her campaign quickly churned out a new catch phrase: “Love trumps hate.”

The same woman who said “What difference does it make?” is suddenly spreading happiness and sunshine against both domestic and international foes. This is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Remember her? She’s not exactly warm and cuddly.


Apparently, Hillary’s new strategy is the Care Bear Stare. As a child of the 80s who watched the Care Bears, I remember “the Stare”. The Bears used the Stare to defeat and heal their enemies with love, light, and probably glitter. In a world that requires real action against those who wish to harm us, Hillary – and the Left – have devolved into spreading happiness and cheer. It’s not only the wrong course of action, it’s an ill fit, especially on someone like Mrs. Clinton.

“I had hesitation about what I thought was a kind of hardness in her but she doesn’t have that in person,” said Terry Matre, a family therapist in West Des Moines.

This part of the liberal playbook – feelings – is a well-known strategy. Capture the hearts of those in your crowd, and they won’t need to use their head. President Obama uses the same play over and over, and still, even in 2015, the crowds swoon.

I, and most people with a heart, aren’t opposed to showing kindness and compassion to others. After all, we’re the party that doesn’t support murdering the unborn just because. But using love and kindness as a campaign strategy? Sorry, I prefer a candidate who isn’t afraid of sharing the truth about our country and the world. That would include developing harsh, polarizing policies to not only combat terrorism, but to take a hard look at the U.S. and make necessary changes for the sake of our fiscal survival.


This isn’t a popularity contest for Prom King or Prom Queen; it’s a race for the White House. In 2015, and with the realities that are present, the Care Bear Stare is not only wrong, it’s harmful.




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