Rick Perry Rides Again

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Rick Perry has it all.  As he rides into what should be the sunset of his political career, he boasts a largely successful record as the longest serving Governor of the great state of Texas, still has his incredibly good hair and the Marlboro Man good looks of rugged individualism.  After an embarrassingly failed Presidential bid in 2012, Perry has seemingly laughed off his “oops” moment and rehabilitated himself as a familiar and likeable political face as he wraps up the last leg of his final gubernatorial term.  Whether to call his recent activities a victory lap or a defeat lap could well be the subject of his next debate, but given America’s increasingly short memory, both political and otherwise, Perry will fit right in.


Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Held In D.C.He rides off into the Western sunset like a good John Cornyn commercial, and doesn’t look back.  He hangs up his hat and spurs to the rural Texas of his roots, content to have accomplished more than a boy from Paint Creek could have ever hoped for.  He leaves his legacy to posterity and the 2012 punch line echoes of late night comedians.  He grows a beard and becomes a Texas political sage, anointing up and coming state pols with the wisdom of his years.

But the Governor of Texas can’t leave well enough alone.  Somebody’s poisoned the waterhole and Perry is wheeling his horse around and digging in his spurs.  He is about to gallop back East toward what will either be a permanent political night or as he hopes, the fast approaching dawn of his greatest triumph.  The Governor now has vision, clarity, and curb appeal with the kids and pundits alike, thanks to his new hipster glasses.

However, visions of an eye-patched Rooster Cogburn taking the reins in his teeth to charge the Lucky Ned Pepper gang seem a more appropriate analogy to some.  They wonder, just as Ned Pepper did, if old Rooster is safe in the saddle at a gallop and if he can still see or shoot straight.  They wonder if this proud Cowboy is riding for a fall.


Perry is making his move.  He will no doubt be more organized and better prepared this go-round.  As Perry well knows, in politics, his weapons are words, not guns.  This is not the Old West.  So he still has a lot of work to do.

Rooster Cogburn won the day, as I recall, with some nice sharp shooting from a friend.

But on the stage of presidential primaries, there is seldom help from friends.


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