Weird Isn't Working, Maybe the White House Should Try Normal for a While

Conservatives generally want President Trump to succeed, because the alternative is more of what we are already witnessing: a complete breakdown of the Republican agenda at the national level. The soap opera that the Administration has become, and the useless entity Congress is under its currently incompetent leadership, is disheartening. Obamacare continues to collapse under its own weight, the deficit continues to soar, and the few policy victories that are eked-out of this circus are drown-out by outbursts like the White House Communications Director verbally assaulting the White House Chief of Staff to a New York reporter.


Conservatives have had it, and they are throwing-up their hands at Washington’s dysfunction. For all the bluster in 2016 by candidate Trump that “I am your voice; I alone can fix it; I will restore law and order,” none of this is happening. The first six months of complete Republican control of Washington has been a near total wash-out, and Democrats are emboldened while conservatives are watching a golden opportunity to govern completely collapse. Even the President’s staunchest media allies, like Laura Ingraham who basically turned her show into the Trump News Network, have begun to lament the chaos that is killing the conservative agenda.

To right the ship, the President needs to immediately cease this public feud that he is having with his own Attorney General. Jeff Sessions was a Trump supporter while most people still considered him a long shot, and the then-Alabama Senator’s endorsement gave conservative credibility to Trump’s candidacy. For the President to publicly attack Sessions is a disturbing act of disloyalty that is giving other Cabinet members second thoughts about staying on for the long-term.

Instead of trying to force-out Jeff Sessions, the President needs to put his own kids to pasture. Son-in-law turned senior advisor, Jared Kushner, is a liberal loose cannon who is not good for his father-in-law. From lying about his activities during the campaign, to trying to push the President to the political middle, Kushner is remarkably out-of-touch with the President’s political base. By having him serve as the President’s chief consigliere, the President is running the risk of undermining the confidence of the conservative base that elected him.


Additionally, the President needs to normalize his White House communications strategy. Hiring Anthony Scaramucci may have seemed like pressing the reset button, but the chaos has only gotten worse. The Mooch’s cursing tirades, public humiliation of other Administration officials, and personal grandstanding has only further distracted from the President’s agenda. For the President to allow this charade to continue can serve no other purpose than take the White House further off-message, which will continue to give Congress cover while it does nothing.

In summary, the President just needs to start acting, and communicating, like a President. Take, for example, his decision this week regarding President Obama’s policy toward transgenders in the military. I believe that ending the Obama-era political correctness in the military is the right thing to do for the country, but that such a change should not have been announced via Twitter. In order to make an effective change, with presidential decorum, the President should have issued an executive order to his Secretary of Defense outlining how his desired policy change should be implemented. Such protocol would show a principled leadership style, and would have gone a long way toward deflecting the confusion on display when the Joint Chiefs said that they had no directions from the Commander-In-Chief.

President Trump needs to start implementing the right policies in the right way, to ensure that he does not become a lame-duck president mid-way through his first term. Republicans in Congress are in trouble come next November, if they and President do not start delivering on key campaign promises in the immediate near term. This a price America cannot afford to pay because of unprincipled leadership at a crucial moment in history. President Trump has tried weird, maybe it’s now time to give normalcy a chance so that he can do extraordinary things for America.



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