The Real Threat to American Democracy

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Yesterday, the biggest story of the day had nothing to do with an election from two days ago and everything to do with an election from four years ago that has continued to blow people’s minds.


In 2016, American democracy itself was attacked by a Russian disinformation campaign that left a significant portion of the American political, media, and voting population convinced that Donald Trump was elected president thanks exclusively to Russian interference described in a Russia-sourced dossier that claimed Trump was in the pocket of Vladimir Putin. The claims were ridiculous on their face, and yet the Democrats and the media bit on the Steele Dossier so hard that you can form forensic dental records based on their write-ups.

What’s worse, a not-insignificant portion of our intelligence community also bought into the Russian-sourced disinformation campaign, as evidenced in yesterday’s major indictment and subsequent media coverage. As much as the Democrats and the media want to say that Trump and his claims about the 2020 election are a threat to democracy, it is inarguable that their own devotion to the Russian psyop is infinitely worse, as it persisted for four years and even now remains a talking point among them. The media, in particular, should be absolutely ashamed of itself.


That is an insanely, infinitely greater threat to democracy and yet it is not the greatest threat we face today.

I am talking, of course, about the growing threat of Christmas on our autumn holidays.

The threat to democracy is coming from inside the White House.
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American consumer culture has taken a dark turn over the last decade as Santa Claus has continued to revive the age of imperialism in his conquest of the fall. There are some who were already plotting their Christmas decorations before Halloween. Boxes of ornaments were being dragged from attics before the trick or treaters made their way home. Tinsel sparkled in the light of the jack-o-lanterns.

Have you people no shame? Fall is the greatest season. Halloween is an absolute delight. And, most importantly, Thanksgiving is the greatest holiday on the calendar and should be respected as such.

Thanksgiving is the actual embodiment of American democracy. You wake up, you have a small bit of breakfast because God knows how much space you’ll need at lunch. When it is time for the Thanksgiving feast, you have options (I have written a strategy guide on this before). But those options are what it means to be an American. You don’t like the stuffing? Don’t get the stuffing. You want extra cranberry sauce, you have a window to get some more. If the kitchen is unguarded, you have the chance to vote early by sampling when the cook’s back is turned. Only authoritarian tyrants won’t let you get a sample ballot before the election.


Thanksgiving is about what matters the most to Americans: family, togetherness, and letting the people have a voice in what represents them — including what dishes are and are not prepared for the meal of the day. And there is also a deep understanding of forgiveness, grace, and opportunity. Did the food betray you and make you feel sick or tired? Let your stomach settle a while and try again later. Take the leftover bits of turkey and make a gumbo. Be open to trying new dishes.

America is beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: There is a war on Christmas, and very few of us are fighting it anymore. Most of you have given in to Santa’s boot on the throats of the autumn holidays. But I cannot accept that. Christmas needs to stay in December, but I will settle for the Friday after Thanksgiving. No more. Get your Christmas celebrations out of my face for a few more weeks, you monsters.


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