Congratulations to That Anti-DeSantis Group's Pro-Freedom Ad

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Yesterday, an anti-DeSantis group released what they thought was a damning ad against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (or they are the greatest liberal trolling group in history). My colleague Nick Arama covered it yesterday in this great column, but we must congratulate that group for this milestone.


Amid the scary language of the ad is some great information. Florida isn’t forcing mandates on its citizens. You have rights and freedoms. Hell, with 3 million people infected with this very serious virus, only 50,000 have died. Schools are open and students are in classrooms. But school boards aren’t allowed to impose mandates, either.

It sounds, frankly, amazing.

Congratulations to Florida and Governor DeSantis on handling the COVID-19 crisis by prioritizing science, real healthcare solutions like Regeneron and vaccine access, and sensible policies. All while not faltering in the face of intense media and Democrat scrutiny. The numbers speak for themselves at this point.

I hope that this anti-DeSantis group gets a lot of donations and continues to raise awareness for the type of Florida DeSantis is creating.

Contrast this type of leadership with what’s going on elsewhere. One of his neighbors in the south, Louisiana, is led by a Democratic governor hellbent on extending mask mandates despite the state’s numbers going down. I also suspect that his administration is behind one of the largest healthcare providers in the state mandating vaccines for employee’s spouses. This is the same administration, by the way, that is telling pharmacists not to fill ivermectin prescriptions unless they have an actual parasite diagnosis.


In other states across the south, numbers are going down, but the stats haven’t been great. There was mixed messaging and mixed leadership. Georgia has been pretty successful in fighting the virus, but Alabama has struggled more than most. But Florida has been very consistent in handling large numbers of infected but keeping serious complications and deaths relatively low.

And versus northern, more liberal states, it’s been far better and with way less authoritarianism.

If anti-DeSantis groups want to focus on his style of leadership, well… I hope they keep producing ads like this. It’s excellent PR for DeSantis and Republican leadership in general.



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