"Tax the Rich" Is More than AOC's Slogan, It's Her Merchandise Line

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

While she “made her statement” earlier this week at the Met Gala, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a plan beyond the event to make the most of the “Tax The Rich” slogan she had emblazoned on her dress. Despite pushing back on criticism with some mind-numbing rhetoric, it appears that the young politician was far more interested in boosting her campaign funds than really following through on a political agenda.


At her official campaign shop, Team AOC has put up multiple “Tax The Rich” items for sale, and it’s not just conservatives who are noticing.

For $58, you too can get a sweatshirt and make a campaign contribution to someone who is being pretty quiet on the state and local tax (SALT) deductions for the rich that the Democrats want to bring back. For the low, low price of $27, you can have a tote bag to shop at Whole Foods just like AOC without using harmful plastic bags and you can support a politician who isn’t saying much about a House bill that actually may not tax the highest income earners like she’s promising.

If the campaign had seen the blowup over the “Tax The Rich” rich and decided to capitalize on this, that would be one thing. But this was apparently premeditated. The items currently on sale with the slogan on them were built into the site before the Met Gala even happened.

The socialist queen of the House turns out to be a really good capitalist, doesn’t she? She knows what will draw attention and she knows how to make money off of it. The problem is… people are getting wise to it. The Democratic Party doesn’t really seem to like her. The American public isn’t really buying the rhetoric she’s selling (though I am always in need of a coffee mug). And the media is even reducing their coverage of her.


I don’t quite think her star is burning out yet, but I do think that she’s wearing out her welcome with the greater American public. But at least she’s able to sell a fun slogan to the upper class folks who think they are helping the working class by giving her money. Because it’s not the working class paying $10 for some “Tax The Rich” stickers.


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