Yep, Texas Is Exactly Like Afghanistan Now. 100 Percent. Nailed It.

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There are very few issues out there that seem to send progressives right over the edge harder than abortion.

The primary talking point, in the wake of the Biden administration’s dismal failure in Afghanistan, is that the Texas pro-life law is exactly the same type of Sharia law the Taliban imposes on women in Afghanistan. This is mind-bogglingly ignorant rhetoric that we cannot let pass.


First of all, how extremely Islamophobic of the left to attack the religious beliefs of those of the Islamic faith. The same group that accused the Trump administration of being xenophobic and racist for implementing a ban of travelers from majority-Muslim countries is now just throwing “Sharia” accusations willy nilly. It is, by their own standards, vile racism.

Second, it is an extremely base-level analysis that doesn’t actually do a pro-choice argument justice. It is simply laziness to jump to that sort of rhetoric. And we know why they jump to it. They see all the Afghanistan news and think it’s fine to just draw a line from what they think is Point A to Point B without considering the reality of the situation.

The fact is this: Women are allowed to go outside. They are allowed to work. They are allowed to drive. They are allowed to get contraceptives. They are allowed to make healthcare choices for themselves. They are allowed to go to college and earn degrees at a higher rate than men do.

Women in America are allowed to have political opinions. They are allowed to have sex outside of marriage without being stoned to death for it. In America, women are even allowed to become men.

Try doing that in Afghanistan. Try doing any of that under the thumb of the Taliban. The only thing that is being stifled right now is the right to take the life of another.

That is the problem at hand. That there is another life at stake in this. And many liberals ask these kinds of questions and think it’s some kind of counter to the conservative and pro-life argument:


The answer to these questions is almost always a resounding “Yes!” from many corners of the pro-life movement. We should incentivize the personhood of the unborn and all that comes with it, like holding the father accountable, pushing for a refocusing on the nuclear family, and making sure that the unborn child is as cared for inside the womb as we expect parents to care for the child outside of the womb.

None of this is new and radical. It is common sense. And, yes, there are pro-abortion arguments that are not base level and lazy, and they do bear some consideration even as we recognize that, ultimately, the life of the child must be protected.

But pregnancy and parenthood are not the prospect killers they may have been even a few short decades ago, and they certainly don’t mean that a woman’s social and professional life is over. The Texas law is treated as though it’s going to send women’s rights back into the Dark Ages when we know it… really won’t.

That the left has decreed Roe v. Wade completely gutted and unended is a deliberate misreading of what the Texas law does and what the Supreme Court’s majority said. They have said that John Roberts has lost control of the Court. The situation just isn’t that dire, though. The law does not ban abortion so much as it makes abortion providers liable if sued by a private citizen. The majority specifically said they aren’t addressing the constitutionality of the Texas law and that anyone can still challenge it because there are questions about its constitutionality.


Moreover, the enforcement mechanism is a civil suit, meaning a private citizen has to take them to court. That’s why the Supreme Court didn’t block it. The people that sued over the law were suing the government, which is not the party responsible for enforcing the law.

But the left will not let this crisis go to waste, especially since it gives them and the media a chance to deflect from the absolute disaster that is the Afghanistan debacle — which has Joe Biden’s numbers in freefall.


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