For Over a Decade, Democrats Swore to End the "Endless Wars," and Yet They Still Had No Plan

For Over a Decade, Democrats Swore to End the "Endless Wars," and Yet They Still Had No Plan
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

With all the shocking news and the outrageous situation on the ground in Afghanistan Sunday, there was almost a sensory overload and it became difficult to really continue to grasp the full situation. We’ve now been inundated with dozens of issues stemming from just the Biden administration’s pullout of Afghanistan, and none of the news seems to really be getting any better.

One of the lamest talking points from the White House is the idea that, somehow, the previous administration’s actions had tied Joe Biden’s hands in all this. Within hours of being sworn in, Biden was signing executive orders to undo Donald Trump’s executive action and made a big show of it. As the commander in chief, Biden couldn’t do anything because of what someone who no longer had any power had already done? That’s a pretty pathetic line coming from a White House that sent Biden off-screen for a few days, only to release a hastily produced (and potentially risky) photo-op making it look like he had done something.

Oh, and now it appears his press secretary is taking off for the week. Probably a planned vacation, but so poorly timed you’d think someone would have suggested delaying it a bit.

Once again, the Biden team is reacting because they had no plan. It’s unbelievable, but it appears true. They didn’t listen to their generals, they didn’t make previous arrangements for embassy staff and U.S. citizens, and they didn’t seem to understand how a sudden and immediate withdrawal would create a problem.

Meanwhile, you have guys like Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut actually saying that it’s fine to criticize, but if you do, you should have a plan.

I’m sorry, Senator. But you’ve been in the Senate for eight years. You were in the House for six years before that. Your subcommittee list reads like someone who was among a group of people that could have come up with a plan – the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, the Senate’s Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs, and hell, you’re even the chair of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security. You’ve had 14 years as a Democratic politician to work up a plan.

Especially since the Democrats have spent well over a decade decrying the war and calling frequently to end the “endless wars.” It wasn’t a bad idea, mind you, but it required an actual plan of action. And the Democratic Party just refused to come up with one.

You had eight years under Obama. You had four years under Trump. And you couldn’t come up with anything? Why on earth should anyone bother to come to you for a solution to any problem when you’ve so clearly shown you don’t have the actual competency to develop a plan here?

It wasn’t complicated, either. All the Biden administration had to do was pull the troops out at a pace that didn’t create a sudden vacuum of power. It would have helped if they didn’t announce exactly what they were doing and exactly when they were doing it. It’s sort of like not announcing a pop quiz, because then the students have time to prepare, thus negating the whole “pop” part of the quiz. All the Taliban had to do was wait us out, and they did.

I mean, yes, some of this is on the Republicans, and a lot of it is on the perpetual bureaucratic war machine Washington D.C. has built up over the last several decades. But the Democrats were so keen on this whole withdrawal thing that the Biden administration just did it without actually planning for it, and now you have guys like Chris Murphy out there advertising that the Democrats had no plan for it.

So, again, why on earth should you count on the Democrats Party to come up with any real solutions to a problem? They have just proven they can’t plan to save their lives… or, at least, the lives of our allies.

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