Chris Cuomo Should Be Forced to Cover Andrew Cuomo's Scandals

Chris Cuomo Should Be Forced to Cover Andrew Cuomo's Scandals
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Things are getting substantially worse for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is now facing a series of allegations of sexual harassment from various women who worked for him or covered him at various media outlets. One of the accusers has even released a photo that just looks uncomfortable. There have also been numerous reports of the threatening, harassing treatment Cuomo’s administration has given anyone who they saw as a threat.

These allegations come after the Associated Press confirmed what we already knew via the Daily Caller over the summer: Cuomo’s administration fudged the numbers to make nursing home deaths from COVID-19 appear smaller than they were after his disastrous executive order forcing nursing homes to take COVID-positive patients.

That the New York Times of all outlets is reporting on the allegations against Cuomo tells you a lot. Prior to the beginning of January, all the anti-Cuomo reporting was seen as essentially pro-Trump politicization as a means of deflecting away from Trump’s flaws. So, it was minimized as outlets focused solely on Donald Trump and gave high praise to Cuomo. Multiple news outlets, including CNN, gave fawning coverage.

Cuomo’s own brother, Chris Cuomo, held several interviews with his older brother, which were hailed as feel-good TV in trying times. Chris Cuomo’s primetime show violated some of the most basic ethical norms of journalism: You don’t cover your family, and you definitely don’t help cover-up for your family. That CNN allowed it to happen is a dark stain on journalism and one that the network should not be allowed to live down.

Now, in the wake of multiple allegations, several New York Democrats calling for the governor to resign, and a lot of mounting pressure, Chris Cuomo has decided he cannot cover his brother’s administration any longer.

Before I get further into this, let me just say how great it is that Brian Stelter tweeted this out. The top “media correspondent” for CNN has been absolutely silent on the fact that his own network violated the basic principles of journalism that Stelter accuses conservative media of violating all the time. But that is a column for another day.

The younger Cuomo’s statement here is garbage, and it’s a cop-out after months of fawning coverage of his older brother. No one is forgetting that Chris Cuomo played-up having COVID-19 to an annoying extreme, violated his quarantine, then aired a dramatic “coming out of the basement” segment signaling he beat COVID before inviting his brother onto his show to give him free campaign commercials.

No, Chris Cuomo should be forced to cover his brother’s mounting scandals. He should be forced to read the statements from the women who are coming out against his brother. He should be spending the valuable airtime of his prime time show reviewing the numbers of nursing home dead and reading the executive order that put COVID-19 patients into nursing homes with other vulnerable elderly citizens.

He should do all of this while looking right into the camera, right into the eyes of the viewers that he essentially lied to by helping his brother ignore and cover up the misdeeds he committed.

CNN won’t make him do that, though. They are content to let one of their anchors — a prime time anchor — ignore one of the biggest political stories currently happening.

And given how many people are coming out, Cuomo’s problems aren’t going away anytime soon. We’re going to see more allegations, and we’re going to see more calls for him to step down. And all of this will happen while his little brother goes on television and tries to ignore it under the guise of journalism ethics.

He should be hammered with it every day. The entire network should.

They did this to themselves, and it should be hung around their neck forever. This was a serious lapse in the basic ethics of journalism, and they allowed Chris Cuomo to get away with it because Andrew Cuomo was seen as the anti-Trump icon, the guy who was the leader Trump should’ve been, and because it was great feel-good television (and ratings). But in the process, they sacrificed credibility for that, and while it’s unforgivable, what’s happening to Andrew Cuomo now is pure karma.

But that karma has to come back on Chris Cuomo, too. He allowed this to happen, and he should be forced to report on every agonizing detail to make up for it.

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