You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Family

(AP Photo/Bree Fowler)

I’m going to be brief this morning.

This year has been tough on all of us. For the last eight months (or has it been 15 years? I’m not really sure anymore), we have had to social distance, avoid public gatherings, and do all the things that are supposed to keep us safe.

And, when we do those things, the numbers go down. But the safety measures have emotional and psychological reactions (not to mention economic ones), and we stop doing those things. Measures get lax, and we start going out again.

Eventually, we drop our guard. Another wave happens, and measures get tough again. Rinse. Repeat.

We’re now in the “third wave” of COVID-19 in the United States. Some states are regressing in measures again. Louisiana, where I live, is shifting back to Phase 2, which means tighter public restrictions. Across the nations, various states and municipalities are enforcing various measures.

The Centers for Disease Control has even declared you should not travel for Thanksgiving. Many progressive leaders have declared that large family gatherings will be punished by law (law enforcement, thankfully, has stated in many places that they will not be enforcing any such rules this Thanksgiving).

Which is good, because honestly, I feel that most Americans should go out and be with their families this Thanksgiving.

There are risks involved, and there are some family members you probably don’t want to hang around if you are at risk of exposing them to the virus (it could prove fatal for older relatives and relatives who have another serious illness). But, overall, the social and emotional effects the shutdowns and quarantines have had on us have been a lot for many Americans.

Right now is the time to be with those you love. If you can’t because of the virus, reach out to them via FaceTime, phone call, or some other means of communication. Take the time to talk to or be with your family. It’s important to get as much time with your loved ones as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

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