Homestyle: Getting Started With Embroidery At Home

Credit: Joe Cunningham

On this week’s episode of Homestyle, my co-host Leigh Guidry and I talk to Hope Aucoin, a mother and embroidery enthusiast in south Louisiana. Hope fills us in on the joys of embroidery, as well as her process.


While my fat fingers certainly can’t be relied on to work anything like this, those of you reading this are probably capable and have an attention span longer than that of a gerbil on cocaine (or me). Hope tells us how great it can be for the soul, and her recommendation in this episode is very strong.

You can listen in here:

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The Homestyle Podcast is a joint venture between myself and one of my best friends, education reporter Leigh Guidry. Throughout each episode, we discuss cooking, crafting, and other hobbies as well as how we make sure to spend time with our families despite how insanely busy life can be. The goal of the podcast has always been to take a moment to focus on what’s really important because, at the end of the day, family and life is more important than whatever distractions are going on in the world around us.


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