Credit Where It's Due: Cory Booker Had a Great Zinger on Twitter

Cory Booker by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

While we agree on very, very little, I will never not acknowledge a solid joke/roast when someone like Cory Booker has one. And while his presidential campaign has very little traction, at the very least we’ll always have his Twitter account.


The Onion, a parody news website, shared the following story, which itself is hilarious.

Expressing surprise that he was featured so prominently in a rival’s literature, presidential candidate Cory Booker was reportedly taken aback Wednesday after discovering his picture dozens of times on official Pete Buttigieg campaign materials. “It would have been nice if someone from the Buttigieg team had reached out to me before they plastered my face all over these mailers,” said Booker, flipping through a brochure featuring numerous photos of the New Jersey senator giving a thumbs-up and shaking hands with Buttigieg.

The story clearly caught the attention of either Booker himself the campaign team, who couldn’t help themselves and responded on Twitter.


Booker is referring to the brief scandal where Mayor Pete’s campaign used a stock photo from Kenya in campaign literature to show he has black supporters. Booker’s zinger was enough to attract the attention of some folks in the media, who loved it, and some folks in the consultant class who hated it and thought the Buttigieg gaffe was overblown.

Regardless, I wish to acknowledge the hilarity of Booker’s tweet, which was a refreshing breath of air in the midst of all the political insanity all the campaigns are currently going.

Thank you, Senator.


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