Joe Biden Tells Supporters Poor Kids Are As Bright And Talented As White Kids

If Joe Biden was waiting for the world to forget his past with segregationists in Congress, he did not help himself with a racially-tinged slip-up in a campaign speech.


Campaigning in Iowa, Biden was speaking before a group of supporters, when he was, I suppose, trying to make a point about creating opportunity for kids without resources. What he ended up saying, however, will go down as one of the most unfortunate slip-ups in modern politics.

As seen in the tweet, this was tweeted out pretty quickly by the Trump 2020 campaign, but they are likely not the only ones who will take notice.

Kamala Harris will be looking to take advantage, partly because she has hit him in the past over race and partly because Tulsi Gabbard disassembled her record on race as a prosecutor and Attorney General in the last debate.

Poor Joe Biden just can’t catch a break, can he?


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