People Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Don't Want Detained Immigrant Children To Have Beds

Wayfair, a company that sells furniture online, recently sold a number of beds to the United States government, which will use them in the detention centers along the border that are housing illegal immigrants – including children.


This is an act of commerce that, apparently, should not stand. A number of Wayfair employees have decided that they will walk out today, because their employer is supporting these “concentration camps,” as folks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to call them. Ocasio-Cortez, in fact, has been very vocally supportive of the walkout.

Now let’s not get this twisted. The employees walking out are trying to make this about Wayfair not promising to donate the profit to a progressive immigration group – RAICES – but their actions do not support that claim. Even their own Twitter account debunks it.

Ocasio-Cortez also debunks it.


What they are saying is that they are very upset because Wayfair will continue doing business with the U.S. government’s border camps. Because they are selling beds for children in these camps – the very children they are so upset about being mistreated in said camps – the employees are walking out. The request to donate profits, by their own summary here, came after their outrage. Meaning it is all about the beds.

To recap: Wayfair employees are mad their employee is selling these beds so that children in these camps have a place to sleep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who very foolishly claims these are just like Nazi Germany’s concentration camps, is supporting the people who don’t want these kids to get beds. Liberals are cheering on both Ocasio-Cortez and the Wayfair employees.

This entire thing goes to prove that Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrats don’t really want a solution at the border anytime soon. They want there to be continued suffering so they can fundraise off of it and use it as a bludgeon against Trump in the 2020 election. If there is a solution, the issue dies more quickly and becomes harder to use a year from now.

Of course, the House has just passed an emergency funding bill for the border – essentially paying to keep the detention camps open – which is not something the rank-and-file wants to do, but leadership negotiated provisions specifically tailored to addressing the conditions immigrant children as facing in these facilities. The conditions for those kids are not great, and it appears that the government agencies involved are severely undermanned and underfunded. Hence the use of private companies to run the detention centers (which is proving to be not a good thing).


But, this vote doesn’t negate the idea that many Democrats see this as an ideal political issue for 2020. That’s why they are outraged that Wayfair would sell these beds to the facilities at the border. It eases the suffering of the children, and that just won’t do.

That’s why Ocasio-Cortez is going about saying the Republicans are “motivated to cage children.” This is a political issue for them, not a humanitarian one. If she were interested in the well-being of the children, she would be in favor of them getting beds while also working to make sure that they don’t have to use them as long as it appears they need to.

Instead, she gets to vote against the Democrats’ House aid bill, along with some other notable names.

That border funding gets in the way of the politics, which is all this is about for many people like Ocasio-Cortez in Washington D.C. They need the political issue to stoke the outrage and campaign on it, and the suffering children are their way to demagogue the issue as much as possible. It’s outrageous and sad that they would be so cruel to the children who didn’t ask for this, but are subjected to terrible conditions at the border – conditions Ocasio-Cortez and the gang want them to continue suffering.



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