Joe Biden Wants Stacey Abrams to End Her 2018 Campaign for Governor and Be His Vice President

Stacey Abrams, who still claims that she didn’t lose the race for Georgia governor despite losing the race for Georgia governor, may have a new job opportunity on the horizon.


Axios is reporting that Joe Biden’s people want him to name her as his vice presidential pick when he announces his presidential campaign.

Abrams never conceded the race, and in fact has maintained she never actually lost, pointing to several stories of impropriety at the ballot box. What she fails to mention in each of those cases is that her opponent, Brian Kemp, had nothing to do with any of those issues while he was Secretary of State in Georgia – they were problems directly created by the state’s Democratic Party.

Biden, meanwhile, has apparently been telling people he’s definitely going to run but hasn’t made an official announcement yet.

If he did announce and couple that announcement with the Abrams VP announcement, he effectively ends three campaigns: Abram’s 2018 campaign, her oft-teased-to presidential campaign, and a possible Senate campaign I am convinced is her real plan in Georgia.

Biden’s larger problem is that he is going to be a very old candidate, and even when he was younger, he was terribly gaffe-prone on the campaign trail. That wasn’t so much a problem then, but people’s sensitivities have increased nearly one thousand percent since his last campaign, and he is going to offend at least three minority groups before breakfast on his third day as a candidate.


He’s well-liked (his personality is such that even many Republicans like him personally if not politically) and his demeanor attracts people to hear him speak. He is much better suited to be an elder statesman in the party and help guide the younger candidates, but his time as a national candidate is pretty much done.

Abrams, meanwhile, would be attaching herself to all of his flaws and would be a willing token minority for Biden – as both a woman and an African-American. She would be there essentially to offset the damage made by his gaffes and let her national media attention help carry him.

It’s a bad idea for both of them. But it would be great for Republicans… and if you’re worried I’m giving the game away on that one, don’t worry. The Democrats would certainly never listen to me on the this or any other subject written about at RedState. In fact, they’re far more likely to go the opposite route.


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