Trump Congratulates Kavanaugh on Supreme Court Confirmation

Donald Trump took to Twitter immediately to praise Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court.


Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a victory for the Trump Administration, following the successful confirmation of Neil Gorsuch. It’s not common for a President to get to name more than one new Justice in two terms, much less one.

The confirmation of Kavanaugh also further solidifies a conservative majority on the Court. Kavanaugh replaces Anthony Kennedy, who was more of a swing vote than a conservative Justice.

With polling indicating that Republicans are almost equally as fired up as Democrats at this time, it is unclear if the victory is going to be an electoral boon for Republicans in November. Mitch McConnell has already thanked Democrats and activists for getting GOP voters motivated, but the question does become one of maintenance.

Can the Republicans continue to captivate their voters long enough to withstand the so-called Blue Wave coming in November? Right now, the midterms are up in the air.



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