This Is AWESOME: Justice Department Targets Harvard for Racial Discrimination

This Is AWESOME: Justice Department Targets Harvard for Racial Discrimination

One of the most horrifying “open secrets” in academia is how many elite universities have put a quota on how many people of a certain race they accept.

The Asian-American community is unfairly targeted by universities like Harvard, given requirements that are way higher than students of other racial groups are required to make, in order to keep many students of Asian descent out. It is, no matter how you look at it, racial discrimination.

So, you’ve got to give the Trump Administration credit where it’s due: The Department of Justice is going to go after Harvard and other universities for this blatantly racist practice.

The U.S. Justice Department finally is confronting Harvard University and other elite colleges that blatantly discriminate against Asian-American applicants with a quota system. To get into Harvard, students of Asian heritage have to score hundreds of points higher on competitive exams than non-Asian applicants with similar or even inferior academic records. That’s why the Trump administration’s Justice Department is demanding Harvard’s admissions records and launching an investigation. No surprise that Harvard is stonewalling. The university has plenty to hide.

Harvard’s quota system is destroying the American dream for countless Asian families across the nation. Often new to the country and struggling economically, these parents make sacrifices for their children’s education and encourage their children to study diligently. It pays off. For example Asian students make up 60 percent of the students in New York City’s highly competitive specialized public high schools, like Stuyvesant and Bronx High School of Science.

Harvard has been very, very reluctant to open up about its admissions practices.Since 2014, they’ve been facing some serious lawsuits over unfair racial discrimination from student advocate groups.

Don’t count on the high court to back up Harvard’s use of racial preferences to achieve campus diversity. Last year, the Justices split 4-3, when they half-heartedly allowed the University of Texas at Austin to consider race as one of many factors contributing to student body diversity. Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing for the majority, struck an uncertain tone, suggesting the issue would need to be revisited, and Justice Samuel Alito specifically cited discrimination against Asian-American applicants as a problem.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s Justice Department is pulling no punches. In response to a complaint from more than 60 Asian-American groups alleging discrimination at Harvard, civil rights lawyers at Justice are demanding to see admissions records. So far, Harvard has not produced a single document. The Justice Department has imposed a final deadline of Dec. 1, and is threatening to sue the university.

This is nothing short of amazing. It is the Trump administration, which has its share of (big) flaws, making a solid decision and letting merit, not skin color, determine one’s future in education. We should absolutely applaud the Justice Department for this, and let’s hope that they can start the domino effect and get other universities to back off these quotas as well.

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