Democratic Politician Wants to Punch Republican Woman Over School Choice Bill

Things that are okay: Disagreeing in politics and debating your differences on the floor of your state’s legislative body.

Things that are not okay: Telling anyone who will listen that you want to punch your political opponent in the throat because you disagree with them.


Things that are really not okay: Being a man who wants to punch a woman in the throat.

Democratic Rep. Jesus Rubalcava, angered over passage of the controversial school-voucher style legislation last week, wrote on social media he wanted to throat-punch its sponsor, Republican Sen. Debbie Lesko.

Late Thursday, as the Senate Bill 1431 was being sent to Gov. Doug Ducey for his signature, the Gila Bend lawmaker took to Facebook to express his outrage.

“I wanted to punch her in the throat,” he wrote of Lesko, in response to a Facebook friend who had written that Lesko’s victory lap around the state Capitol “was slightly enraging.”

I hope you don’t find the story suspect, because there are screenshots!

Can you tell me what would have happened if the political parties in this situation were reversed? Wall-to-wall media coverage with this guy expected to have resigned by now. Of course, this is barely a blip on anyone’s radar because the wannabe throat-puncher is a Democrat, and he was just upset at this super unfair bill that opens up opportunities for children to escape bad schools in Arizona.

I hope this man gets some sort of punishment for his comments, which are incredibly unacceptable.


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