Rising Democrat Star To Fall Real Fast In Race Against Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz had a rough 2016. We know this, we’ve covered it, and we’ve been upset about it. Ted Cruz has been a solid fighter for conservatism throughout his political career.


However, his recent misfortunes appear to be mistaken by Democrats as a chance for one of their own to knock him off and take his spot in the Senate come 2018. This news comes to us via The Hill:

I argue that the cutline used there should be a little bit different.

Look, I know Ted Cruz is a very divisive guy. Even among conservatives, his name can be a positive or a negative in some circles. Still, it is incredibly insane for Democrats to think they have a shot in Texas, of all places.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) on Friday officially jumped into the race to take on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in 2018.

O’Rourke is the first announced Democrat running to unseat Cruz in what will be a steep uphill battle in a reliably red state. The Texas Democrat has been crisscrossing the state over the past four months gauging support for a statewide bid.

He made Friday’s announcement from his hometown of El Paso, which he has represented in Congress since 2013.

Before he can take on Cruz, O’Rourke will need to win the Democratic primary. Fellow Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro (D), a rising star in the party, is still considering a bid. His political director said he will make a decision “in the coming weeks.”


I, for one, welcome the Democrats throwing resources away by supporting a bid to unseat Cruz. The more money they spend in Texas, the less they’ll spend in other places where Republican incumbents might be a bit weaker.

The Democrats already have their own problems in 2018, too. The prospects of a lot of red state Democrats are uncertain as people struggle to identify what the Trump Effect on the Republican Party will eventually be. For any Democrats to try here would be an act of lunacy when resources are needed elsewhere. Especially on someone who doesn’t even have a real name.

“Beto”? Really?

But, that’s exactly why I think they should go for it, because I’ll be damned if I am praying for my opponents to be smart about this. I fall to my knees every night, praying that the Democrats will repeat the mistakes of the Wendy Davis Campaign.

It is incredibly tough to see Ted Cruz having any problems from the Left or the Right in 2018. The Right has made noise, but I think they are going to leave well enough alone for now. The Left is going to continue to think Trump is a major drain on the GOP without any tangible evidence to that (yet?). We’ll see where it goes but, more than likely… it just won’t.


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