CNN Responds to Donald Trump Blasting Their Reporting

CNN is vehemently pushing back on the idea that they messed up in their reporting of the intelligence information surrounding Donald Trump and Russia. Trump blasted CNN and BuzzFeed during the press conference, and CNN has come out to defend itself.

CNN is accusing Trump of using BuzzFeed as a way to discredit all reporting on the issue – and they are not entirely wrong here. The fact of the matter is, CNN did not report on any of the questionable things they are being accused of reporting on.

The CNN report is worth reading, because there are some very real questions that need to be answered. The Trump Team will now say they don’t have to answer questions about “fake news” and it’s all on BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed’s irresponsible reporting cost anyone who was set to report on the real story by given Donald Trump cover. Now, he can bundle them all together and say “See? Fake news!” and the American people will just sigh and shake their heads.