Kellyane Conway Attacks CNN for Listening to What's "Come Out of Trump's Mouth" [VIDEO]

Well, this is somewhat confusing… This morning on CNN, Kellyanne Conway said that the media only cares about what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Her argument is that we should focus on what’s in Trump’s heart.


I know what some of you are thinking. “What heart?” Well, I’m not so cynical. I believe he has a heart and uses it to love himself and love his wife and children (albeit as extensions of himself, but still). That’s not the issue here, however.

Why on earth should the media not take into account what any president, president-elect, etc. actually says? How is the media supposed to divine what’s in his heart? Hell, when the media tries to guess at what a person thinks, they are usually incredibly wrong.

What Donald Trump says publicly, simply by virtue of being the incoming President of the United States, is news. He will have to learn what to say and when to say it if he wants the “unfair media attacks” to stop… well, they won’t stop, but they might slow down a bit.


Anyway, this quote is ridiculous in its premise. This isn’t about the media. We knew – and Donald Trump and his team knew – that they would be constantly against the media at every opportunity. This is about Trump’s own self-control and whether or not he can maintain it for 4-8 years.


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