ABC's Matthew Dowd Re-Writes the Story of Christmas for Political Purposes

ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd decided that today, Christmas Eve, was a great time to turn the birth of Jesus into a political point for immigration reform or some such. Whatever the intent of his tweet, it is very clear that he is confused with regards to Mary, Joseph, and the birth of Jesus.


If you read the story from the Bible, then it is very clear that Mary and Joseph were returning to Joseph’s homeland for a Roman census. They weren’t traveling from one nation to another. They were going from one city to another, and it was all a part of the Roman empire. There is nothing “immigrant” about their story.

If I’m being charitable (which I am, because my mom is a huge fan of Dowd and told me to be nice), then I am guessing Dowd has confused the trip to Bethlehem with the Holy Family’s time in Egypt. They were, in fact, immigrants there, as they were escaping Herod’s persecution and killing of all newborns in his territory.

Regardless, this is another example of journalists trying a little too hard to tie religion into their world. It doesn’t fit, and for a multitude of reasons. What’s even more surprising than Dowd doing it is the scores of liberals across the country who will do it while simultaneously decrying Republicans who put their faith into their political beliefs – with many of those liberals also being the type who reject the premise of Christianity anyway.


So, short answer, no. Joseph and a pregnant Mary were not immigrants as they traveled to Bethlehem. They were returning home on orders from the Roman empire. The miraculous birth of Jesus is not a good place to try and make some great political point. Maybe just keep Christmas story the way it is, hm?


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