REMINDER: Hillary Clinton Is A Key Figure In Four (4) FBI Investigations

A lot of the talk right now is how Hillary Clinton is going to go into office while being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. What isn’t being talked about is just how many investigations she’s somehow a key figure in. That number currently stands at four. Four FBI investigations. I don’t know if that’s a record. Hell, we’ve never had an incoming president with just one, much less four.


So, as Jay Caruso puts it this morning, Democrats really ought to admit they screwed up a bit here. This is an insane statistic. No one is related to four FBI investigations at once unless they’re shady as all hell (which she absolutely is). Here are the four FBI investigations:

1. The Email Server

This is the big one because it is directly about her. She set up a homebrew server specifically for her emails while she was at the State Department. She absolutely broke the law, which James Comey admitted originally, but he added in the word “intent” to his rationale in order to keep her from being indicted. However, the investigation has since been re-opened, with the discovery of more emails on a previously unchecked device.

This is a crucial discovery, because Huma Abedin, the source of the new batch, previously stated she had turned in all devices and relevant emails to the FBI. This would mean that she either lied or Anthony Weiner (see below) gained access without her permission. The laptop in question appears to have been a communal device for the household, meaning they both used it frequently.

2. Anthony Weiner’s Underage Sexting

By far the most humorous and yet the most tragic of the investigations, this one did not really involve Hillary Clinton until her emails turned up on the aforementioned laptop, which was previously not handed over to the authorities. Weiner is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest confidante, putting him rather close to her inner circle. Though, as a disgusting human being, he was (probably) rarely allowed anywhere near her (another disgusting human being, Bill Clinton, reportedly had to go through Huma to see her as well).


Weiner’s crime was “recently” discovered due to some actual journalism: He was sexting with an underage girl. Our own Patterico has more on this, as his site broke the story years ago (you really, really need to read his post. Go on. I can wait.). Weiner’s investigation is the only one with a grand jury (at this time).

3. Terry McAuliffe’s Campaign Donations

As early as May, Terry McAuliffe has been under FBI investigation for some campaign donations that have raised eyebrows. However, those eyebrows have to be raising themselves even higher since the discovery that his political action committee gave a very large campaign contribution to Jill McCabe, husband of Andrew McCabe. That is significant because McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton ally, and Mr. McCabe was the agent who eventually lead the investigation into Clinton’s server.

We at RedState have long suspected some sort of illegal activity would eventually drive McAuliffe from office. It would be very delicious had it happened in a manner that also dragged down Clinton with him.

4. The Clinton Foundation

This is the only investigation not related to the emails, but still a big part of her life and defining aspect of her character. The Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI as a result of some of the donations it received from other nations and the kind of access to U.S. government those donations may or may not have paid for. The Wall Street Journal and the Daily Caller both had stories up on Sunday confirming that the FBI is in fact investigating the Foundation, however it is unclear just how or where it will lead.


It goes without saying that this is about more than her name being on the Foundation. Several nations’ representatives gained access to her directly through their contribution to the Foundation, and American friends of Bill and Hillary received special appointments within her office.

With all four of these investigations ongoing, how exactly is Hillary going to get anything done in four years, much less eight? I never really had much faith she’d run again in 2020, but I didn’t honestly think multiple FBI investigations might be what does her in.



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