RIGGED: Breitbart News Worked Alongside Leftist Activist to Attack Conservatives

Trump propaganda front Breitbart News has never been shy about who they’ve been rooting for this election cycle. However, their credibility as a conservative source took yet another hit this evening with a report put out by Politico on just who they worked closely with to keep real conservatives from making any headway in the race.


Aaron Black, an associate with Democracy Partners and a former Occupy Wall Street organizer, worked with the pro-Trump site Breitbart, tipping them off about his stunts, exchanging raw video and coordinating coverage, according to a source with direct knowledge of the situation.


According to the source, Black coordinated with Breitbart via email, phone and in person, including when he dressed up as a robot and trolled Marco Rubio’s events. The relationship was described as very friendly. An article subsequently published on Breitbart featured video footage of a physical confrontation between Black and Rubio’s New Hampshire campaign chairman.

“He worked directly with Breitbart’s political team on the ground in the primary states to sabotage Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz, and elect Trump as nominee of [the Republican] party,” the source told POLITICO. “[Black] was coordinating with [Breitbart’s] top staff to rabble rouse against Rubio at rallies.”

This really shouldn’t be all that surprising when you think about it. How do you help a liberal beat conservatives to win the Republican primary? You work with and coordinate with other liberals to do so. The so-called conservative website that was once a place where media bias and liberal hypocrisy were regularly called out has become a place of propaganda and outright cheering of a lifelong Democrat at the expense of real Republicans and conservatives.


While these actions are nothing short of infuriating, they are simply to be expected from Bannon’s Breitbart. It’s not a place where actual conservative values are cherished anymore. Any semblance of conservative ideology went out the window when they openly promoted and ran favorable coverage of a longtime Hillary Clinton donor.

It is no surprise, but it is a disgrace to the man whose name is still plastered on the site.


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