CNN/ORC Instant Poll: Hillary Clinton Won the Debate

The quick polls taken after the debate are starting to come in now, and Trump is not being viewed very favorably. The CNN/ORC poll taken immediately after the debate shows that Hillary Clinton decidedly won the debate over Donald Trump, 52% to 39%.

However, some of the data within that poll does have a favorable number, with 55% of those polled believing that his attacks on Clinton were fair. Unfortunately, 63% felt Clinton’s attacks on Trump were also fair.

Some of the CNN analysis on the subject bears mentioning, because they are probably not that far off. Jake Tapper, in particular, felt that Trump’s “Such a nasty woman” remark while Clinton was speaking hurt him, and I am not sure I disagree. Hillary was very clearly trying to goad Trump into a response and he fell for it, saying something that was frankly stupid.

It’s not about being right at a debate, after all. It’s about looking better than your opponent. While he was much improved over the previous debates, he simply did not come across as better than her.

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