SHE IS A ROBOT: Computer Algorithms Decide Clinton's Every Move

The Hillary Clinton Health Scare is a false flag operation that is meant to take our focus off the fact that Hillary Clinton is a cold, unfeeling robot not interested in human matters so much as she is interested in ruling the human race. Politico Magazine is kind enough to provide all the evidence we need to prove this theory.

Overlooking downtown Brooklyn in two directions, Kriegel’s skyline view is the backdrop for what is on the windows themselves: erasable marker scribblings reminiscent of A Beautiful Mind that amount to some of the earliest drafts of the computer algorithms that underlie nearly all of the Clinton campaign’s most important strategic decisions.

What cities Clinton campaigns in and what states she competes in, when she emails supporters and how those emails are crafted, what doors volunteers knock on and what phone numbers they dial, who gets Facebook ads and who gets printed mailers — all those and more have Kriegel’s coding fingerprints on them.

You see, there’s no human element to her actions. A computer algorithm makes every decision for her and her campaign. Her every move is as cold and unfeeling as her laughter.

To understand Kriegel’s role is to understand how Clinton has run her campaign — precise and efficient, meticulous and effective, and, yes, at times more mathematical than inspirational. Top Clinton advisers say almost no major decision is made in Brooklyn without first consulting Kriegel. He was one of her first hires and is among her highest-paid, and yet he remains virtually unknown outside the cloistered community of political number-crunchers.

This actually isn’t very new for the Clintons. I recall hearing from a Democratic strategist that Bill polled everything, including where he should go on vacation. The Clintons make calculated decisions, completely taking the humanity away from their everyday thought process. While some might argue that makes them more effective, in reality there are times that we have to know our president is actually human.

People accused Mitt Romney of being robotic in his campaign, but he at least spared some time to pretend to be human. Hillary isn’t even trying. That’s why she doesn’t appear in front of the press. If she starts sparking and sizzling, then they’ll start wondering how secure her server is all over again.

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