NYT Columnist Nicholas Kristof Says the Holocaust is America's Fault

Nicholas Kristof is your stereotypical elite liberal media guy. He has an absolute disdain for America and he has a grasp of history that rivals a five year old holding a 500-page college textbook (except the five year old probably doesn’t have that whole “disdain for America” thing going on).


In an appearance on MSNBC (read: among his people), Kristoff actually said that the Nazis were only responsible “in some part” for the Holocaust.

KRISTOF: I think that we all think that Anne Frank and the European Jews were simply murdered because the Nazis regarded them as inferior, and in some sense that’s true. But it’s also true that they died because mainstream America in some sense regarded them as inferior as well.

Kristof was on talking about his latest column, “Anne Frank Today Is A Syrian Girl.” In it, he makes the case that we should allow Syrian refugees into America because we didn’t let Jewish refugees into America in during World War II. Not surprisingly, he misses the point entirely, instead opting to blame America for the state of the world, rather than note that the world at both periods of history is a dangerous place and that simply opening our borders to all who wish to enter in times like this is an incredibly bad idea.


Furthermore, of course America isn’t responsible for the murder of the Jews during the Holocause because we weren’t the Nazis who rounded them up. To try to place the blame on America is about as ridiculous as it gets. However, Kristof is one of those supposed intellectual, bleeding heart types who looks for any reason to blame America.


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