Horrifying: Students Made to Dissect Aborted Babies' Brains

The University of New Mexico has admitted to having a professor who obtained the brains of aborted babies in order for students to dissect them at a summer camp. The students were just in high school when they were given the brains to dissect, and the university has admitted to this.


National Review has a piece up about the scandal, and the fact that it, like so many other things regarding fetal tissue these days, is a violation of state law (it could very well also violate federal law).

The State of New Mexico long ago made a special provision in its law to prevent such outrages. According to the state’s Jonathan Spradling Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, enacted in 2007, “a fetus that is the subject of an induced abortion” cannot be donated “for the purpose of transplantation, therapy, research or education.” (Maternal permission to do so, to which defenders are now appealing, is irrelevant.) As the House panel wrote in June: “Based on the information obtained and reviewed by the Panel, SWWO’s provision of tissue from aborted infants, and the reception and use of the tissue by UNMHSC, arguably violates the Spradling Act.” Roth appears to have confirmed their conclusion. Anyone involved in this ongoing, illegal relationship — at Southwestern Women’s Options and at the university — should be subject to immediate investigation, termination, and prosecution.

I encourage you to read NRO’s entire piece, because it touches at the very heart of the problem: This isn’t a medical issue. It wasn’t done in the name of research, and no one gained anything of medical breakthrough from the exercise. High school students – still mostly children – were asked to cut apart the brains of other children. It is a perversion of science, not a relevant use of it. But, what are the odds the media is going to devote any time to this story?


You and I both know the answer: they won’t. Unless of course there’s a whistleblower to be shamed. Then they’ll dig into that person’s background and find out that they are human garbage with an agenda to destroy Planned Parenthood. And the media will take them down accordingly.

This is a society that has become morally bankrupt when it comes to the treatment of life in general, much less the life of the unborn. And it is very clear that conservatism isn’t just fighting for its life right now, but the very soul of the nation.


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