Did Breitbart's Matt Boyle Try to Get Michelle Fields Fired from the Huffington Post?

It was heavily rumored yesterday that Matt Boyle would be following Steve Bannon over to Donald Trump’s campaign, but new information has come out that either suggests Boyle is not as big a Trump fan as he claims to be or that he lied to try and sabotage a former co-worker’s hiring at another media outlet. Yahoo News is reporting that Boyle sent a letter to the Huffington Post in order to cast doubt on whether or not Michelle Fields could be tough enough on Trump for the remainder of the campaign.

Yahoo News has obtained a copy of an email Boyle sent to a progressive activist on May 26, four days after Fields announced her new position with the Huffington Post. Fields infamously left Breitbart after she accused Trump’s then campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of assault at a campaign event in March. Following the incident, Breitbart published pieces that questioned her story and Fields subsequently resigned.

Boyle’s message contained an open letter attacking Fields that he hoped the activist would encourage other progressives and union groups to sign. According to the source who provided the letter to Yahoo News, Boyle claimed he personally wrote the letter. Boyle’s letter described Trump and his policies as “dangerous” and implied that, as a conservative who “considered supporting and voting for Donald Trump,” Fields was not up to the task of covering his campaign and should be removed from her job by the Huffington Post.

Now, in all likelihood, Boyle doesn’t feel this way. He’s bragged about his cozy relationship with Trump and said he could be press secretary in a Trump administration. What’s going on here, if this is legit, is that Boyle is a vindictive guy who is using cheap and frankly dumb tactics to try and get someone he doesn’t like fired from a brand new job.

Which is, frankly, why Boyle would have been as perfect a fit in the Trump campaign as Bannon. Where Bannon is looking to trade in on a brand for more power (like Trump), Boyle is looking to trash and ruin anyone he sees as an enemy using underhanded means (like Trump). Boyle’s (alleged) letter is posted in full at Yahoo News, but here is probably the best evidence from it that shows what a two-faced little twit he actually is.

Do you really think Michelle Fields will do serious investigative reporting on Donald Trump’s tax returns? What about on his decades of dealings with mafia mobsters or on his scores of bad real estate deals? Do you think Ms. Fields can handle aggressive investigations into Trump University or reporting on Donald Trump’s demagoguery of women, immigrants, Muslims and African Americans?

Stop kidding yourselves. The world is laughing at you. Fields even said in interviews that before her incident with Lewandowski she considered supporting and voting for Donald Trump. Is that someone who can handle this serious position in a serious way? We think not.

While we laud your efforts to troll Trump, we think the time for games is over. Please, Huffington Post editors, you are one of our last shots. We need you to start dealing with these threats in a more effective manner. Step up to the plate, and do the right thing: Start actually reporting on Trump, rather than trolling him.

 This is damn near sociopathic behavior. Boyle from the get-go refused to stand by Fields when they were coworkers. Once she resigned from Breitbart and made the shift to Trump reporter at the Huffington Post, he then sent an off-the-record e-mail to her new employer trying to get her fired. That’s pretty sick behavior.

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