Real Life Cuckolds Don't Like Trump Supporters Using Their Word

What a time to be alive.

Donald Trump supporters of a white nationalist bent have long taken to calling anti-Trump voters “cucks,” which is short for “cuckolds.” Those would be people who allow other men to come into their homes and meddle with their women (the other men are many times black).

Now, VICE – in an act of true journalism – sought out actual cuckolds to get their opinions on this.

Cuck basically means liberal now. But not just liberal: Weak, feminine, politically correct, and generally un-Trump-like. And if you venture a little further to the right on the political spectrum “cuckoldry” shows up in racist conspiracy theories. White men are supposedly being “cuckolded”—literally and figuratively—by black men, and it’s making America into a bunch of “cucks.” So-called “cuckservatives,” are mostly establishment Republicans, those who are afraid of or opposed to the Islamophobia and border walls favored by the likes of Trump.

Liberals tend not to get bent out of shape about having the word cuck directed at them. And why would they? It’s a critique of non-conservatives for not being conservative. But if anyone stands to be offended at the word cuck being thrown around with such reckless abandon, it would be self-identified cucks.

The outlet interviewed Dave, a self-described “alpha cuck” (I am not looking that up and neither should you). Here is one of the questions he was asked and answered.

A lot of people on the right are using the term “cuck” lately. Are they using it right?
They don’t know what it means within the scene. They believe it means inferior. They don’t realize that there certainly are a lot of alpha cucks out there.

Guess what, everyone? 2016 is officially terrible.