Donald Trump To Face Millions In "Totally Unfair" Attack Ads

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and supporting organizations are apparently planning to drop about $13 million dollars in ad spending against the presumptive Republican nominee in an effort to, somehow, make his approval rating drop even lower. Donald Trump, I am assuming, will call these attacks “totally unfair,” and perhaps “bogus.”

Next week is shaping up to inflict the most dramatic damage on television yet to Donald Trump’s campaign, with forces behind Hillary Clinton planning to outspend him by $13 million, a wider gap than any week so far.

Clinton’s campaign has reserved about $7.5 million in advertising time the week of July 4, according to advertising records reviewed Tuesday by CMAG/Kantar Media, a company that tracks political advertising. Clinton’s super PAC, Priorities USA, plans to spend $5.5 million, with both groups devoting most of their cash to Florida and Ohio.

The CNN story goes on to point out that Donald Trump has yet to spend any money on general election advertising.  At the end of the last month, he had roughly $1 million in the bank. He still has no real infrastructure. He may, or may not, be a figment of our fevered imaginations and, any day now, we could wake up to see a Cruz/Rubio (or vice versa) ticket trouncing Clinton/Warren in all the polls.

Until the, our long national nightmare continues.

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