BREAKING: Man Takes Gun From Officer During Trump Rally

A Las Vegas man faces up to ten years in prison after he tried to take a law enforcement official’s gun during a Trump rally, according to CNN. His intentions, as of now, are unclear, but given the polarizing nature of this election cycle, it’s safe to assume he had ill intentions.


Police said Michael Sandford struck up a conversation with a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer under the pretenses that he was seeking to get an autograph. During the conversation, police said Sandford tried to pull the officer’s service weapon from its holster. Other officers also assigned to provide security at the event were quickly able to detain Sandford and authorities said there was no further disruption to the event.

Trump is under U.S. Secret Service protection but local law enforcement often supplements them at campaign events.

It’s not clear what Sandford’s intentions were or whether he was attempting to harm Trump. The Secret Service says it has charged Sandford with violating two federal laws following the incident, including assault, and he could face up to a decade in prison if convicted.

Trump’s campaign has seen protests from all sides, making federal and local protection a necessity.



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