VICTORY: Neither the DNC nor the RNC Mentioned their Primary Winners Last Night!

Last night, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won their respective primaries, getting us just a little bit closer to the Democratic and Republican conventions. And, in celebration of the blessed event, the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee sent out triumphant press releases… that did not mention their party’s winners.


This is where we are, friends. We have the two major parties tearing each other down without mentioning their own primary winners. Bernie Sanders is upending what was supposed to be an easy coronation for Hillary. Meanwhile, Trump has been a stellar nominee already, what with putting a non-Republican white nationalist on his delegate list, talking about picking a Democratic vice president, making Chris Christie wear leather chaps, telling conservatives he doesn’t need them and that this isn’t their party, etc.

Both parties, deep down, have to be ashamed at how this has played out, because it is incredibly embarrassing for two long-standing institutions like these to have voting bases that support raving lunatics on a whim.

It’s almost as if the voters really do want to burn it all down…



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