Ben Carson Confident There Are Plenty of Qualified Trump Bootlickers for Vice President

Good news, Trump fans! Ben Carson is absolutely sure there’s a long list of people who are both qualified and are totally cool with playing second fiddle to Nero and his burning nation. The sad part is that, given all the people who were respectable conservatives but have admitted they’d be open to it, it’s hard to say Carson is full of it (this time).


Carson pushed back on the notion that Trump could have trouble finding high-quality people to staff his administration.

“There are plenty of very highly qualified people who would gladly do it,” Carson, a former 2016 hopeful himself, told CNN’s “OutFront with Erin Burnett.” “It’s not going to be a problem in the slightest.”

Carson is being totally quiet about whether or not that long list includes Democrats. He and Trump appear to publicly disagree as to whether or not that’s actually on the table. Given that any attempts to get Trump to act more Republican end with him sprinting in the complete opposite direction, I assume that Carson’s disagreement means Bernie Sanders is actually being considered.

Of course, with Trump openly courting socialists with his talk of raising taxes and the minimum wage, we can go ahead and assume he was on the list anyway. What better way to stick it to Hillary than openly seek her most successful challenger for his second-in-command.


Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Carson is actually not wrong here, and that’s what really sucks about this election cycle. We’re seeing good people turn to the darkness in an effort to remain either relevant or to get a seat at the table in the next Republican administration… the only problem here being that all the data is showing that Donald Trump will not be the one heading up the next Republican administration.


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