Forget #ThanksObama. It's Time For #ThanksTrump.

Forget #ThanksObama. It's Time For #ThanksTrump.
FILE - In this Feb. 27, 2016 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses during while speaking at a rally in Millington, Tenn. Tough talk about torture is a guaranteed applause line for Donald Trump on the GOP presidential stump. Trump has repeatedly advocated waterboarding, an enhanced interrogation technique that simulates the feeling of drowning. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Mankind always uses the opportunity of a powerful person or a figurehead for a movement to have someone to blame for their ills. For years now, the go-to response for something bad happening is “#ThanksObama.” However, I believe the times we live in are indicative that we have a new person to blame, and that person is Donald Trump.

Now, I’m not saying we should stop blaming Obama for some of our troubles. After all, we still have major concerns in society today, including the uptick in terrorist attacks and the rising prices of Keurig cups. There is also this disturbing trend of women posting risque pictures of their posteriors and using the hashtag #ThanksObama. Don’t believe me? Just search for it on Twitter (Warning: This Is Clearly Not Work Safe).

In the months since Donald Trump has announced his bid for president, we’ve seen an uptick in scary things. We just saw two major earthquakes hit Japan in as many days and another major one hit Ecuador. We have the Zika virus outbreak. There were reports of a massive celestial body set to destroy the earth. For the love of God, John Kasich is in the race, which is a direct result of Donald Trump simply existing.

We have a duty to re-direct this blame where it belongs. Barack Obama has indeed been a scourge on America for the last seven years, with things being much worse than they ever have been. But, the rise of Donald Trump shows us that there was a political Pandora’s Box, and it would appear that Donald Trump has opened it. We must, for the good of mankind, stop this man from becoming president, or the annual reports of a bourbon, Scotch, and whiskey shortage will become very real, very quickly.

Of course, one can argue that without Obama, we wouldn’t have Trump. After all, if Obama wasn’t acting with reckless disregard toward the Constitution and the laws we currently have in this nation, then the anger directed toward Washington D.C. would not nearly be so great. This does complicate things, so I guess there is one final thing we can #ThanksObama for.

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