"How's Joe Paterno?" Donald Trump Asks A Bewildered Pittsburgh

Donald Trump, who knows how to properly articulate his points, held a rally in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night and said, “How’s Joe Paterno? Are we gonna bring that back? Right? … How about that whole deal?”

Joe Paterno is the deceased and largely disgraced former head coach of Penn State’s football team. The “disgraced” part comes from his looking away while a rather horrifying child sexual abuse scandal happened right under his nose. The university is only now really recovering as an athletic program, but the university will forever be tainted with the scandal in the eyes of many.

No one had a clue as to what in the hell Trump was talking about until much later. We now know, thanks to a campaign spokesperson, that he was referring to Paterno’s statue, which was removed in the aftermath of the scandal.

This man wants to be the president of these United States, but has no idea how to clearly express a point, and comes across appearing either out of touch with the fact that Paterno is dead or wanting to re-litigate the child sex abuse case or something. I don’t know. I stopped trying to understand the man’s words.

At any rate, that it took clarification for us to understand he was talking about Joe Paterno’s statue and not asking how a dead coach was doing or whatever is just further evidence that this man is clearly not fit to be a member of normal society, much less the president of it.

I concur with my colleague Dan Spencer, who speculated in his post from last night (linked above) that this might have something to do with losing his mind do to his advanced age (yet another trait he holds in common with Hillary Clinton).

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