Was This Debate The Beginning Of A Cruz-Rubio Unity Ticket?

With no attacks on each other and substantial attacks on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio did exactly what was necessary: Put aside their differences and tackle the Beast (yes, Biblical implications intended). They hit Trump from every angle, and Trump was sweating the whole way through. Tonight was certainly the least substantive Trump has been this entire cycle (if you could possibly be any less substantial…) and he was left making childish retorts in order to try to appear strong.


So, what does this mean? Have the calls for a unity ticket been heard? Are the two U.S. Senators on the same page? It’s hard to tell, but it’s a good sign. When the very first headlines to come out of a major debate are “Donald Trump Defends The Size Of His Penis,” then you know things are only going to get more awkward for the real estate con man.

One can hope that the two are going to work together to take out Trump, and if this debate is any indication, there is at least a ceasefire. It’s unclear, but tonight was a positive night for the anti-Trump crowd.


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