Bernie Sanders Is Absolutely Right

On Sunday night, Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary Clinton on her ties to Wall Street, specifically saying that she is too close to the major corporations of Wall Street. Check, for example, her speaking fees. Sanders pinpointed on Goldman Sachs, which is the usual name tossed out whenever the causes of the 2008 financial crisis are brought up.


“I don’t get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs,” he specifically says.

And, you know what? Bernie Sanders is absolutely right on this. When it comes to 21st century populism, which is currently the driving force within both party primaries, Hillary Clinton can’t, at the end of the day, say she’s really for the people. She takes big checks from special interests all the time. Her time as Secretary of State is marred with large donations to her foundation from foreign nations and interests.

I’m no fan of his ideology, but on this, Bernie Sanders and I absolutely agree: There is nothing “For The People” about Hillary Clinton, who sees herself as somehow deserving of political power, rather than feeling the need to earn it. Say what you will about Sanders, he is fighting for what he truly believes, working at it from scratch, and has finally gotten serious about running, as he evidenced in Sunday night’s debate. There is nothing American about his socialism, but there is everything American about working to get where you are, and the man has principle.


Hillary Clinton is little more than a shill for corporations and special interests. Democrats who legitimately care about breaking free from corporate control over their party should do the right thing and support Bernie Sanders in the primary.


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